Friday, 22 April 2011

A very beautiful song by damien rice

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Uncertainities of life

This is certain, that we all are going to die, but what is uncertain is How and When?
Its scary when deaths stares you in the face and life  begins to ask questions.Most of the questions ends with what IFS..
Life asks questions all the time but we never have enough time to give it to life.Our time and energy floats around unfullfilled wishes, What we have, is never enough.
the Certainity of death we all know,  but the uncertainity of life is confusing,
LIFE means. live it everyday, as if today is your last day, as if tommorow will never come
and then.. Let... It .....Float....Eternally

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

conversation with a dream

I dont dream much, cos I dont sleep much, but last night,I had a dream which continued till early hours of morning. It was as if somebody is saying, to call  or text  or both,
I have never  not figured out what are dreams made of, imaginations, thoughts, subconcious wishes, what are they? Why do they come, when you are  fast asleep and cant talk to them?
I talk to so many people, througout the day, who is it that my dream wants  me to talk to?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

the day TODAY

The day, today, has sat down,twists its thumb, and wants to know,
how to go. without saying Hi
It is heavy, the day , Today,It feels Its weight, and let us know
It wants to go without saying HI....the day today, waits for the sun
to come and go
so it slips through the dark
without saying HI

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Monday, 18 April 2011


I thank god for good friends, today, i realized, how important it is to have a set of good friends, with whom you can spend some hours, have fun and go back to yours and truly.....
I enjoyed the company, the food the drink, but most importantly i enjoy the laughter,Its not even costly, this laughter, actually, it is free, totally free.
I thanked God, with whom i have this love and hate relationship going on all the time, i keep telling him, Please do this for me... 
and i will do this for you,
sometimes HE listens, sometimes HE ignores me.
So now, Please God.. Help my friend.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


I got to put twitter on my phone, coz my best thoughts come when i sit on a traffic light or stuck in the traffic, so instead of eating my nail paint , i can tweet, just like the bird outside.... tweet...tweet....tweet


Today, it was very nice and sunny, I wish it was like this every day.I have finally settled again, in my head, i dont get up in the middle of the night in someother place in India.Now finally i get up in my own bed.
what is it about wishes and dreams. how come they got the right to float around, even though they stay inside me. Not fair ... na..
Sometimes i think, if the wishes were floating around  and they get to stay, or do what they want to , that  would be fun
wow , think of this , this way... if all the wishes when they float around and meet each other and like the likable wish, they could hang out , laugh, eat , talk, but then it would be cruel for them to go back to their respective heads.