Saturday, 28 May 2011

dil hai chota sa

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Thursday, 26 May 2011


vandana wonders what goes in the poet's mind. (poetry by Kumar Vishvas)

"इस उड़ान पर अब शर्मिन्दा, तू भी है और मैं भी हूं
आसमान से गिरा परिन्दा, तू भी है और मैं भी हूं
छूट गईं रस्ते में जीने-मरने की सारी क़समें
अपने-अपने हाल में ज़िन्दा, तू भी है और मैं भी हूं"

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wirral Walk

Why did I walk today,I don't know. I am not a great walker, actually I hate walks, I have realised I am avery lazy person. But today Iwalked, I walked for !5 miles and I finshed it, why am I so weired? what was I thinking?

But thats the thing about me , that I never think, so 6 o' clock I am thinking, I cant be bothered, 7 , ok should I go and 8 I will go. so I went and I walked for entire 15 miles, which is crazy, My legs hurt and my knees swears at me.

I am a loner, I thoughtI wont like to walk alone, but I walked and I talked to myself for the entire time, and I liked my own company, guess I am getting ready now to be left alone. I prayed  for the whole time,I prayed for my friend,  I prayed for her long life, and the best thing is she came to visit me, so the whole thing became so worthwhile..