Saturday, 18 June 2011


after all these years, I talked to her, i said the laugh was same,but the voice has changed. i was scared to call  her, on the phone, i did not expect at all, of what to think of her, i was disappointed, very much disappointed, i remember for me  she was  the epitome of good , everything has to be right kind of person. i have always been scared of that kind of people, i dont like their eyes, as if they can peel your skin with their eyes and can see the lies .Abha my friend you have changed and i did not like it. at all. guess i had been waiting for a wrong person with everything right.
her daughter's name is arundhiti, but she calls her chidaia...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


My mommy is here, she is resting now, and my head is doing woooooooozozz coz i have not slept for two nights, ghalib had written maang key layey they kuch din,
kuch  arju mein kat gaye
kuch intezaar mein.

oh i just so want to know ghalib, how does he sit inside my heart and tell me these things....

Sunday, 12 June 2011


tomorrow  this time my mom will be with me, tomorrow has never made me this happy. it will bring change , in the way we live our life here. we will pretend to live happily, well i feel we have all done a god job in living and pretending to be happy.i wonder what is real happiness,i get very  happy when i see my kids being we shall see.