Friday, 12 August 2011


What is love?
Is it the pleasure
of the  known
or the desire of unknown
or Is it the pain.
of broken hearts
and the smell of blood drops
Or is it the first rain on the soil?
Or the orange sun on the ground
The soft feeling inside
Or harshnes outside?
To save it
What is yours?
Or to destroy it what was not yours?
To give and forgive
To get and forget
What is love?
Is it blue or red
Or some feelings dead
why is it different
for others and others
how to measure
how to weigh
how to let it go
if not the same.
what is love?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


what are relationships, some we are born with, some we make here.most of the time, we live, living up to relationships. we are expected all the time in a certain way, right from the very beginning i was told, that i was a girl and i was expected to act in a certain way.
these expectations continue through out our lives, all of us hold a position and have to stand on one leg, balancing our soul, not to fall, not to go over the edge, not to hurt anyone.we are scared not by others, but by ours... my son, my husband, my daughter, my mom.. so when they are mine why should i be scared of them. because i dont want to hurt them, i want to make them happy, make them proud of me... tic toc, balncing the much expectations... so if they love me should 'nt they accept me, the way i am ... NO they wont, they all want a perfect wife, a perfect mother, a perfect daughter.. so i have to be perfect, all the time.
so what are relations ships, why do we have to be perfect all the time, to the people who are supposed to be yours. 

Monday, 8 August 2011

एक शाम

यह शाम कुछ अजीब सी है
तेरे रंग से कुछ रंगीन सी है
बादलों में नये  रूप के संग
उडती  फिरू में हर पल
छू कर तुझको लौट आउंगी
या फिर दूर किनारे पे रूक जाउंगी
शाम का आँचल जब गुलाबी हो
और चाँद फिर मतवाला हो
तब धडकने बहकने तक
नींद ,ख्वाब , सुलगने तक
यह शाम तुझ तक जाती है
और नींद मुझे  नहीं  आती है