Saturday, 27 August 2011


चाँद जब आज सुबह उठा होगा
आज फिर  उसने क्या सोचा होगा
कितनी दूर अंधेरे में चलता है चाँद
की मिल सकूँ  उसे आज,येही कहता है चाँद

Thursday, 25 August 2011


तुम्हारा खालीपन, जब मुझको, याद करता है
मेरे दिन रात अधिकतर युहीं  मुस्कराते हैं
जो तुम आवाज़ दो जानम जहाँ भी हो वहां 
मेरा दिल,  मुझसे अलग,गुनगुनता है


Monday, 22 August 2011

deepak chopra and me.

i love, deepak chopra, when he writes that their are no coincidence, things happen because they are meant to be, and every thing works towards what sort of person you become .for me, i feel as if life has always decided my future. right from the day its a girl,,,,, i was my dad's blue eyed girl, so beautiful, even though i was not beautiful, so fair, in his eyes even though i was the darkest of the dark. but parents are a different breed. they dont belong to this planet. once you become parent, thats it your life stops theirs begin, untill they are ready to stop theirs, and be a parent.
so here ia m , mu life stopped 22 years ago, i am living, breathing allright, but almost dead. feels like death, wanting to be alive but feeling like dead, great coincdence. huh deepak chopre. seems like you were given everything on the platter, but you were smart enough to maintain the silver platter and not ruin it for youself. can i ask how are your kids???? how are you????

Sunday, 21 August 2011

fucked up

i am just so fucked up, drunk, seeing amithabh bachhan, very handome, amithabh bachhan. its all great. so great.


all the shades of grey,
and brown and black
dont keep you apart,
you look the same 
from far far away,
almost like a little child,
running for a favourite game
be natural, be yourself
be blue, o sky
you look beautiful,
when you wear blue
and sometimes
you spread on the bed
with just the white cloud
tiny tredness, slip off your head
and you mutter under your breath
but smile. just smile oh sky
and be blue, o sky
you look beautiful.