Tuesday, 10 April 2012

the night and me.

The night is ill tonight
every hour , it  gets up
and wakes me up
she wants to say something

The night is a little kid
winging, crying, spreading
on the open window
She tells me all

The night confesses its love.
she whispers in my ear
how much she loves the moon
how long she has loved the moon

The moon being .the moon
comes with the stars,
flutter its eyes, flirts with
the stars, the clouds, the rain

The night watches all
she lives the pain
she knows the moon
just loves himself

The nights pleads to me
to fix it for her, to sort out for good
to talk, to talk to the moon
to tell him, how much she loves him

So here i am dressed like a mother
with a frown on my face
and a tear in my eye
to talk. to plead, to cry

what will i say
i will say... i will say
dont you see Moon ,
dont you see

The night comes out everyday
just for you
She loves you
She loves you
She loves you.

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