Saturday, 7 April 2012

once upon a time a meeting in heaven

I was late ….so I hurriedly and squeamishly entered our school gate ..
There was the same unchanged smiling face eagerly waiting …..
After a long gap of thirty years, I got the chance to see her again.
She smiled at me and I did the same.
She asked me if I'm ok and I nodded.
Then words instantly came from her and started to say,
I miss you so much, I miss old times, I miss our classmates,
 I miss the way we crack jokes, I miss the way we were before……….
I want to meet all ,I definitely want to meet her and maybe also him.…….
We placed ourselves on the the same benches we occupied 30 years ago.
Topics were meaningless,senseless,almost crazy.. ….but it didn't mattered….
Each tried to speak as much, as loud, as quickly and laugh as much as possible....…
No one was willing to cease talking and chance their luck for another such meeting.
No one had the required courage and will  to call the meeting quits, fearing….
Jane phir is janam main dobara mulakaat ho ke na ho !
Any sensations about hunger, thirst….or the world were just absent….
The dryness of mouth and throat and persistent phone calls made us realise that
We have been talking and laughing for hours. but it didn't mattered….
Each one of us was praying that somehow 
Those moments could last for ever …
But the INEVITABLE ultimately had its last laugh..
We reluctantly and slowly came out of our school gate ..
Suddenly as she was about to enter her car….
She stopped and looked into my eyes and 
She hugged me tight and the tears came to my eyes.
She too adore me as much as I venerate her…
She is still the same soul , she is unchanged ,she is better ….
I can't afford to lose her this time...….
Are ! Wah ! It wasn't a dream this time……..

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