Saturday, 9 February 2013

Deepti and Sandeep Maken. 8th Feb.2013

It is so upsetting to hear Sandeep Maken's death. I had not met him, just seen him on JDTS reunion, and Deepti's profile.I do not understand, why I am so upset,In my family Madheshwar Bhaiya died on 5th of Feb. 2013. I heard the news on 6th on Mithoo's birthday, still we all went out to have dinner and good time, but here, yesterday, i just opened the Facebook for 5 sec. and read this awful news, it went straight to the heart. I keep seeing Deepti all the time, so young, smiling all the time, what is she going to do......what she will do. It is so heart breaking.  A silent love and prayer is going on and on for you Deepti. Please have faith and peace and courage to deal this awful situation . You are on your own, none of us can feel what you are going through now.

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