Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My day today

I must write down how my day started today, The days like this even though there is nothing event full for me, it sticks to my brain like glue. First thing in the morning, I heard the news of a close friend, having  thyroid cancer. I did not understand why that lady chose to tell me out of all the people, may be she had told everybody and everybody is keeping quiet for her sake, so she is not disturbed. My heart went out for her, only last Wednesday at Vidya's house we have laughed so much, about silly things.

I feel sometimes, GOD feels threatened if we laugh about silly thing, HE is too serious to understand, how mortals can laugh at things, with a lot of unhappy stuff happening around them. He makes it a point to make us unhappy, to show how powerful He is.. Times like that I don't like God. I wish God was more like a friend, to be around at the time of need, otherwise he could do HIS ACT, which he is best capable of which is DISAPPEARING ACT.

and than my evening ended, with these two ladies talking in German, talking about me, I am sure, it is  for my Goodwill, but what it is. I will find out tomorrow at 9.30

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