Tuesday, 27 August 2013

All about me, and this person who lives inside my body

Arti says, you love to talk... and you talk a lot... so what am i suppose to do, should i not be grateful that people call me up to talk. should i be like other people, who dont give time to other people , or pretend that they dont have time.

I feel sad, today, i would say... that people expect a lot..it feels as if i have to be happy for other people, i have to be chatty for other people. as if nothing is left of me.

what is me than.?? let me think

what is me.

the person who lives inside the  body  of vandana is very caring person, it melts, if it listens to any sort of problem. it is always there, when somebody needs Him/her.. Its a very fun loving person.. it laughs with everybody, it cries for anybody.

It likes to be center of attention, but dont like to indulge in attention. it gets very shy if somebody thanks, compliments her/ him

It is very trustworthy, people like to share problems with it. people give acknowledgement to wherever it go.

it makes friend very easily,but lets very few people to come near it. and if somebody is near it, than it like to protect that person, give hundred percent  to that person. it might affect its own immediate family, but thats what it is me.

this person is very possessive. this person gets very easily hurt. this person does not like to hurt anybody
this person is very temperamental
this person is very bossy
this person is very loving
this person pretends to forgive
this person never forgets.(well old age is creeping up and making it forgetfull)
this person is easily hurt by small thing
this person. gets very scared of emotions.
this person is very loud
this person believes that there is a power which look after this person and is very grateful for it

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