Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Art of living


what an experience

I wonder, who took me there, who compelled me to have a go, who took me to the meet and who made me decide I would do it just for the heck of it. Meshi had been telling me to do Art of living for the last 2-3 years and Me , I had been avoiding the whole thing as I usually avoid going in the crowd, getting into an uncomfortable situation

Some say usually everything is predestined, so still who decided for me??

Anyways, I was in the hall among friends , in a group of people, in  crowd, but i felt alone, i felt exclusive, I felt decided and i decided to join Art of living course, not knowing how will I travel to and from the course.... But on the very last day Anandi was there, she took me everyday to and from, without expecting anything in return and I do not even know Anandi. I was quite surprised by this forced obligation thrust on me and I loved it

I was asked , what do i expect out of the course and why i was there, for both my answer was I DO NOT KNOW why I was there. i am a fairly happy person, i try to bring happiness and laughter in everybody life, whoever come close to me, so Why I was there??

May be to find Peace, Peace with what??? peace from what???

The course began with the basic needs, expectations, duties , obligations of a good human being, understood all of that because I consider myself as a good human being, than started the long sudershan kriya... Oh boy, we  were told, consider yourself sitting in the plane, and if the things get tough you don't jump out of the plane, you keep sitting... so i kept sitting in the chants of SOHAM.... and both my wrists began to twist with so much pain, and as tough as I am, i did not cry but it felt my wrist will turn and twist and break, and i remembered my dad. How much pain he had to go through before he died. how his hand had twisted. i thanked God for letting me experience that pain. i was scared and i was thrilled to have another go the next day, and the same thing happen, this time the knowledge of pain was there... also i knew when will it start and when will it finish.

I asked so many people nobody had experienced that kind of pain, i felt special, i felt scared and i was hooked to be a better person, one who does not expect anything from anybody, one who loves everybody and anybody. I am joining another course on 23rd of oct. that is a gift to myself for my birthday. Let me see what happens to me this time

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