Monday, 19 September 2016

Dear 16 year old BANDHANA,

Dear 16 year old BANDHANA, now that I look back at you, I see a very scared  dark skinned young girl, who always pretended to be brave and outgoing.

A life chosen by your Dad to be in the midst of modern  Lutyen's Delhi but to  pretend to  grow up like a shy demure Bihari girl,must have been difficult for you. I  have always wondered what made your Dad send you to English medium school  in Delhi and then to Delhi University for graduation, He could have saved so much money by just keeping you in the village, after all you were just going to get married have kids and settle down somewhere.

Life must have been tough for you to have very orthodox parents who made so many rules to keep you on the right path, and you with your free spirit, always ready to fly like a bird.You had learn to read people from a very young age so you would knew who was good and who was bad. I now know that even when you pretended to trust everybody and yet you had  never trusted anybody, You had  always trusted yourself.

You had such low esteem of yourself. In your world, you were very dark, the whole world was oh so fair,. in your world ,you were just so  plain, the whole world was just so beautiful in your world,you were so  so thin, the whole world was just so errrmmmm fat.

I can see you now how difficult it would have been for you to fall in love, to make good friends and to keep them forever. I can see now how many people wanted to be your friend, but you were so unsure and so doubtful of  everybody.


Wow your confidence ,  your confidence was one thing I had always admired you for , I wonder now where did your confidence came from?? I guess your true nature, your ability to empathise with anybody, and your willingness to help anybody in any situation were the qualities which compensated  for the weakness you had. You were a FRIEND to whoever wanted to be your friend and it was  a very serious relationship for you Even though you were scared so many times, you would go and threat somebody or anybody for a friend, that attitude of yours has not changed,

To take life as it comes and to make it beautiful in any circumstances is an art, and you learnt it when you were very young.You would laugh and make everybody laugh with you. You had this weird sense of humour, which has not left you even now.

Your name had to be changed from a Bihari Bandhana to  coolio Vandana. Little did you know that you would end up In U.K where it would be shortened to Van.......

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