Saturday, 25 June 2016

Have faith HE said.......... it was message to me the direct message.

Have faith things will fold out the way it is meant to be.
Have faith you will be happy
Have faith life will treat you good.

BUT the thing is

I am not a follower. I do not follow what is being told, actually i turned around and do the stuff what i am told not to do.....

12th June 2016

so what was it... the minute Guruji's trip was announced in UK, I wanted the front seat in The Bridgewater audotorium in manchester,so who was it who compelled me to get a seat so that i could see HIM directly,Who was inside me feeling so proud to go to an auditorium and be happy to take this decision

I am not follower,

so why did i follow Guruji to Manchester , to liverpool and to Edinburgh.

13th June 2016 Monday
Liverpool experience was just so brilliant . may be once in a life time experience, which i would cherish for my entire life.

Guru ji entered in the room and I hurriedly run to him for a close contact, and my mind started saying. he seemed darker than yesterday, and than he walked around to go to his stage. and I saw a direct eye contact which was so clear but i did not believe it, How could Guruji can see me and wave at me, i just stared and smiled and laughed  did not bow down did not say anything....

when the question answers starts .  Only thing going in my brain is what Jagadish said in the morning . Tonight might be the night...everything became a blur .I had to get up with a thumping heart, breathing so fast that i could have died.. and i asked How do i get a picture taken with YOU ?? also what are Thought? and why do we have negative thoughts...... He explained and said HAVE FAITH

This line will stay with me forever. His direct stare will stay with me forever. my sitting near his footsteps and him hiding his face will stay with me forever.....

 (17th  June 2016 )also the walk near Lake Katerine.. the mosquito bites. taking sumathi to get a picture, the beautiful drive to Edinburgh with a very beautiful person Vidya. and my content soul which did not want to go near Guruji. did not want to touch him or have photo with him... It was at peace. FINALLY.

I am filled with gratitude. i am filled with joy and happiness. Like Dalip at liverpool says. YOU ARE JOY YOU ARE PEACE AND YOU ARE LOVED